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Missouri Exotic Bengal Breeder
*** Home of Quality Exotic Bengal cats/Kittens *** 
Located in Missouri, (near Hartville)
Page Up dated: 07/26/15


Un-Available, at this time-  Brown (Black) Bengal kittens

Available- Snow Bengal kittens

Un-Available, at this time- Silver Bengal kittens

Un-Available, at this time-  Melanistic Bengal kittens

Un- Available, at this time- Munchkin
(Planning fall 2014 litter)
UN-Available, at this time- Selkirk Rex

Older kittens & Adults

"Reserved" Kittens/Cats

The International Bengal Association, INC

The International Bengal Cat Society

Perfect kittens is a closed cattery .
We do not at anytime do outside stud or queening services

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If you would like added to our waiting list please contact us at :
or email us at :

Perfect Kittens
P.O. Box 401
Hartville,Missouri 65667-8122

Thank you for your interest in our Bengal cats/kittens !

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