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~ OK,Lets talk Manx ! ~

If you Love dogs ,well then the Manx may just be the cat for you !

"SEBASTIAN" as a kitten
"SEBASTIAN" as a kitten

The Interesting Manx Cat Breed !

The Manx breed is a fun,loving and very interesting breed !Manx cats originated on the Isle of Man from a population
of cats whose common ancestry was from the same roots as the British Short haired cats.Long before 1870 the Hurley
family owned a large farm and their own sailing vessels in New Jersey. The trips often took them far.It's believed that
on a trip they brought back a tailless cats from England,which were said to have came originally from the Isle of Man.
This is the earliest account known of Manx cats in America.The original Isle of Man Manx had longer limbs and a longer
body than the Manx cats today, but the basic characteristics are still there long back legs, deep flanks,and a very sturdy body.The Manx stock on the Isle of Man dwindled when popularity increased for the Manx breed in America and England.Tourists from all over the world visit the island to see these tailless felines.In the United States,Thanks to
dedicated breeders who love the breed the they still existists and are very much healthy.The Cymric is a(long haired Manx).The size of the Manx has increased over the years, and the short-backed,broad-chested and stocky cat that we
see now became the very desired type! Start your Search
Here !

The Manx breed is one of the oldest breeds of cats today.
They are believe to have originated on the Isle of Man, just
off the coast of Great Britain .There are four main breeds
of tailless cat (American bobtail, Cymeric, Japanese
bobtail and Manx) 

The Manx is such a fun ,loving,delightful,playful athlete.
They are an excellent choice for a child's pet if they grow up
with them,They are rated 1 of the most compatible cats
with children and other pets.

Manx has an unusual walk sometimes referred as the
"Manx hop"
Their hind legs are slightly longer than their
front legs,which may be the reason they are such
excellent jumpers.

They are mostly quiet cats and love to show you their
affection.Manx comes in all sorts of color variations and
patterns,including solid colors and bi-colors as well.
CFA recognizes all colors except those involving
chocolate,lavender or the Himalayan pattern.

They have a big personality and are good hunters,but
only if they are allowed to be.Manx are very active and
loyal to their owner/owners and can even be taught to
walk on a leash.
They are a great choice for a companion and can even
be taught to do tricks .

"Whiskey Girl"
"Whiskey Girl"
Breeding the Manx cat can be a real challenge because
of the lethal gene that sometimes crops up in litters.
The tailless gene that is lethal when breeding 2 rumpies
together into or beyond the third generation ,thats
where the tailed
Manx is essential for the healthy continuation of
breeding this wonderful cat breed.
Manx is a solid, rounded ,thick-coated short haired cat.
The tailless rump should be higher than the shoulders.
There head should be large and broad.

"Calie" Shylas' Baby
"Calie" Shylas' Baby

There are 4 recognized categories of the
Manx cat !


completely tailless,you can usually see a dimple at the base of
the spine,where the tail should usually be."This is the True
Manx cat type" This is the desired show type !

Rumpy Riser
usually with 1-3 vertebrae fused to the end of the
spine.Looks like a tiny knob where the tail would normally be.

1-3 normal vertebra's , giving the cat a short but movable

 with almost full tail length.

Manx cats can be both short or long haired.
They mature slowly and can take up to 5 years
to reach their full growth and potential, the plus to
this is that you may get many years of showing
enjoyment out of your Manx.

We try to make sure every kitten placed is very healthy .

With the lethal gene cropping up at times we do not allow 
our kittens to go to their new homes till they are at-least
16 weeks old and after they have had their vet check.
By that time the Manx Syndrome signs would be visual,
this is the only way to be reasonable sure you are getting
a kitten free from this condition.

Once kittens get past 6 weeks their care is minimal,getting
them past the first 6 weeks is what makes them so hard
to raise.

The only exception would be if you were purchasing
a tailed Manx that had his/her tail docked at 4-6 days old.

We can place docked-tailed manx kittens in homes at
around 3 months of age ,fore it is very rare for a docked
tailed to suffer from the Manx Syndrome.

These are quiet cats and they don't seem to need
a tail to show their affection. 
Manx Cats are not easy to find, and we feel we have
a good representation of this breed.
If you feel that the Manx breed would be the perfect
companion for you , 
Please see our Available Manx kittens.
If you see one that captures your heart and you would
like to add him/her to your family, please E-mail us at :

Our Manx Kittens For Sale range in price from $350 to $800. 
 We are requesting higher prices for our breeder/show
quality prospect animals. 
We also may have retired Queens and Toms.  
If you are interested in an older well loved, and cared for
companion let us know.
If you have any questions please, Contact Us

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